Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Once again it's been way too long! About 5 months!
So sorry, its just been so busy with holidays
and birthday party's!
I posted a ton of picture's like always but
since its been so long times it by 3!
Happy Halloween...
Madison went as a witch and i must
say she was quite scary!
But still super cute!

Grama Trail came with us and was a...

Well the end of 2010 was an end to a lot of things for us.
Madison got a big girl bed and the crib is gone!!
She took the transition well, not to many
sleepless nights!!!

(got the bed on craigslist for $60, what a steal!!!)

Next, while Dave was away on business for 3
weeks I weaned Madison off her binky.
It only took about 2 days for her to forget about it.
I was so nervous because she LOVED that thing!
We did the passifairy thing where she got
to pick out what she wanted, then she left all her
binky's for the fairy and she got her prize!

Last sleep with binky:)
This is what she picked out.
I even put a note on it from the fairy saying
how proud she was that Madi was giving
her binky's to all the baby's that
don't have any!
Here the container I decorated for her
to put her binky's in.
First nap without the binky!
The last thing that was left behind in 2010 was
her diapers!

Madison helping mommy make holiday
rice crispy treats!

Free pictures with Santa at Walgreens!
They turned out great!

Christmas Eve at Grama and Grampa Trails house!!!
Cute picture of the cousins!
(Cole, Emma Sue, and Madi)
Super cute picture of Grama and Grampa Trail!

Playing with Grama's toys
New comforter and sheet set for her new bed!!!

I just love when i get a great smile!!!
Grama and Grampa hooked her up!
She loves Rapunzel!!!

Christmas morning at home.
My new tree this year!

She's so excited! So is Dobber!!

I got her this super cute luggage in Disney world!
Of course playing with the gift from Grama!Again with the great smile!
Madison's new Nautica Jacket and hat!
Dave should be the poster child for Nautica,
so he thought it was awesome!

Playing with her IPod that Santa gave her for Christmas!
(once again I love craigslist!!!)

Visiting the Dentist! She did so great, no cavities!!
Pretty white teeth:)
I love her dentist office!
She does too, especially all the toys!

My best friend Sarah's new puppy dog!
Madi had a blast playing with him!

So for Madison's birthday I took her out to see a
Mickey Mouse Magic Show! She had a blast!
Can't wait for the next Disney show!!
Queen of hearts.
She loved seeing Cinderella!
Here's her magic wand!
She jumped at his part, he he!
She thought this was pretty awesome!!!
Our first trip to the Zoo this year!
It was cold but the kids had fun.
These kids are too cute!

Thanks for the Birthday brownie on a stick
Aunt Brenda!Yummy sooo good!

Madi being silly!
I was taking her to Red Robin for her birthday
dinner and she wanted to take
her backpack and purse full of toys!
Happy Birthday dinner!

Fries and an apple ready to eat!
She loved it when they sang to her.

I took her to a Valentines day Tea Party.
She got all dressed up and had so much fun!
She really liked the cupcake frosting and the tea (jucie)!

That's my girl what a cutie!!!
This year we had her party at a place called
Cafe sip and play. The theme
was little critters and it was alot of fun!
I can't believe my baby is three!

Katie and Emily(I gave her the best smile award for the day).
Grama and Grampa Trail.
Auntie Brenda and Uncle Cy behind her.
Emma, Andrew and Madi.
Love this picture of the guys.
Rodney, Dustin, and Dave:)
Poster I made for the party.
Dustin's son Wade, what a cutie he is.

Ashley and Madison having fun!
Everyone singing happy birthday to her.
Blowing out the candle.
The cake:)
Cheese I'm THREE!!!

It was so sweet after the party she said "mommy thank you for my party!!"